Product Quality

A Craftsman Is Only As Good As The Material He Or She Starts With And That Is Why American Gypsum Is The Preferred Product In The Market And We Plan To Keep It That Way

Quality Buildings Begin With Quality Materials

Producing quality materials requires an investment in time, training, systems, processes and people. Here at American Gypsum, we’ve made these investments. We utilize manufacturing and operational execution systems to control the entire production process from raw materials usage and product formation to proprietary product formulation.

Additionally, all American Gypsum Company manufacturing facilities utilize employees trained to execute proprietary processes, or “Key Measures”, which are the vital components of our Total Quality Management System.  These specialized technicians perform critical in-process formulation evaluations to continually measure numerous key quality performance metrics, resulting in superior finished products.

Quality Is Evaluated During And After Our Products Are Made

American Gypsum wallboard is checked and rechecked during the manufacturing process. The moisture content of the board is monitored as it travels though the dryer and also after it exits the dryer to insure it is not over dried or under dried. At the finishing saws, a laser system is used to continuously monitor the width, thickness and edge formation of the wallboard. The face of the wallboard is checked for smoothness and all dimensions of the wallboard are rechecked by an operator for exactness. The final step in our Total Quality Management System involves extensive laboratory testing to ensure product performance.

All of our American Gypsum Company plants have in-house laboratories that are ISO 17025 accredited, ensuring all ASTM testing is performed accurately. We use these ASTM tests to confirm our product complies with all industry performance standards and that it meets the high standards we’ve set for our products.

All of the quality checks, lab testing, competitive analysis and product evaluations are performed to ensure our products absolutely meet the needs of our customers in the field. We are on a continuous mission to create the highest quality products that allow our end users to deliver the superior craftsmanship their customers demand.